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A Psychoanalytic Study of Childhood and Society in India (Delhi: Oxford University Press, 1978)

2nd Edition: 1981

Paperback: 1982

16th Impression, 2004

3rd Edition, 2008

French translation, Moksha: Le Monde Interieur (Paris: Les Belles Lettres, 1985)

Spanish Translation, El Mundo Interior (Mexico:Fondo de Cultura, 1987)

German Translation, Kindheit und Gesellschaft in Indien (Frankfurt:Nexus Verlag, 1988; 2nd ed.Berlin:Stroemfeld, 2007)

Italian translation, Infanzia e mondo interno dell’India (Milan: Vivarium, 2007).

From Reviews

The Inner World takes giant strides in its efforts to formulate a different psychology of the Hindu, a psychology that fully takes into account the social and cultural milieu. The book undoubtedly will set the framework for future psychoanalytic work in India.
Psychoanalytic Review

As scholarly as it is an exciting journey into Indian childhood.
Neue Zuricher Zeitung

This book is recommended to everyone who is interested in India and its people, and everyone who wants to discover the self and the other in transcultural comparisons.

….. an excellent example of applied psychoanalysis.
Library Journal

Only a non-Westerner like him could give us such a thoughtful book….. invaluable.
Journal of Psychohistory

….…the best application of psychoanalysis to Indian culture… A thoughtful and well-written exposition of the field, it achieves an elegant balance between conciseness and comprehensiveness….. stands as an authoritative statement.
Journal of Psychological Anthropology

The most important and the most daring of his works to date… Kakar has provided us with a paradigmatic achievement.
Economic and Political Weekly

Every student of psychology and anthropology in this country should read the book… an important contribution to the literature on Indian society.
Social Action