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Non Fiction

Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1990

Indian Edition (Delhi: Viking, 1989).

Paperback (Penguin Books, 1991)

French Translation, Eros et Imagination en Inde (Paris: Des Femmes, 1990)

Marathi translation Hinduchaya Kamajivanatil Vairbhav (Pune:Raghuvanshi, 1992)

German translation, Intime Beziehungen (Munich: Verlag Waldsgut, 1994).

Italian Translation, Sesso e Amore in India (Parma: Pratiche Editrice, 1995)

Hindi translation (Delhi: Vani Prakashan, 2006)

From Reviews

Candid look at how Indians think about a subject rarely discussed in public: sex and intimacy between men and women.

Kakar is scrupulous in insisting that he is not writing about India so much as he is in delineating an “India” created by the texts he is so skillfully taking apart for us. It is this hidden India which is the subject of his fascinating book. One from which the real India – and all of us as well – can only benefit.
The Japan Times

An interesting and scholarly psychological study of the relationship between the sexes in India…… The author states his thesis with clarity….. rewarding.
Psychoanalytic Quarterly

Narrative is Kakar’s “interpretive a priori”. Culture, social form, and mind are all finally grounded in story and take their distinctive shapes from it. Kakar is deeply committed to the narrative movement in cultural studies, finding in psychoanalysis simply one – although the best one for him – among many kinds of possible narrative competence.
History of Religions

Explores with as much scholarship and glorious insight as one has come to expect from Sudhir Kakar. He has the rare ability to combine the technicalities of his work with sheer readability.
India Today

Brilliant expose…… Kakar’s thesis is sound scholarship of the highest order.