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The INDIANS: The Indians:Portrait of a People (with Katharina Kakar)
(Delhi:Penguin-Viking, 2007).

German translation, Die Inder: Portraet einer Gesellschaft (Munich: Beck verlag, 2006)

French translation, Les Indiens (Paris: du Seuil, 2007)

Italian translation, Gli Indiani (Milan: Neri Pozza, 2007)

Hindi translation, Hum Hindustani (Delhi: Penguin 2009)

Malayalam translation, India Janatha - Oru Chayachitram (Kottayam : D.C. Books, 2012)

Spanish translation, La India (Barcelona: Kairos, 2012)



From Reviews

…a compelling work on the cultural character of the Indian people…both provocative and revealing.
Shyam Benegal, Outlook

…an important book… a readable and carefully considered statement on the issue of identity.
Pavan Varma, India Today

…remarkably perceptive analysis of Indian character.
Khushwant Singh, Hindustan Times

This is a book which should be read by all Indian executives.
Mark Tully, Financial Express

This stimulating book is a magnificent attempt to understand Indian life in all its fullness…deepens our understanding of not just our lives but our minds as well.
The Statesman

Mr.and Mrs. Kakar display an encyclopedic and deep understanding of the Indian social reality, their "way of looking at things" is surpassed by none….This book is important for those who are just waking up to the India's economic juggernaut.
Far Eastern Economic Review

This incisive book…succeeds in great measure in understanding and explaining the Indian character.
Deccan Herald

Both intellectually rigorous and sensitive, Sudhir Kakar is a reliable guide to how Indians today experience their identity, their sexuality, their conflict between tradition and modernity.
Le Monde, France

The fascinating portrait of society and culture of a country that will play an ever more important role in world politics in the future.
Die Zeit, Germany

The book is a treasure trove full of Aha-effects—not only for India lovers but for all those who in times of globalization seek to look beyond the rim of their own culture.
Der Spiegel, Germany

A very readable and richly nuanced book which seeks to uncover the common identity of ‘The Indians’ in their historical continuity, homogeneity and civilizational uniqueness.
Neue Zuricher Zeitung, Switzerland