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Sudhir Kakar, a great intellectual, psychoanalyst and anthropologist, is one of the principal figures in contemporary Indian thought, and on top of all that, a novelist of repute.
Le Monde, Paris

[Sudhir Kakar is] by common consent, our foremost psychoanalyst, who will remain indispensable to our understanding of Indian men and women
The Hindu

[Kakar’s] books have laid bare the Indian psyche, and shown how Indian culture, society and family structure condition our behaviour as adults.
Indian Express
In the history of India’s cultural awakening in the twentieth century…some books will stand out as seminal. Among these Sudhir Kakar’s will certainly find a place.
Indian Book Chronicle

To read Sudhir Kakar's books is always a great joy. The mix of knowledge, humour and wisdom is as uncommon as is the combination of literary and psychoanalytic approaches to the world.
Die Tageszeitung, Berlin